God's Leading Ladies Empowerment Ministry

A Support Ministry for First Ladies, Elders' Wives & Ministers' Wives

First Lady Phyliss Cage is a woman true to her confession. She is the wife of Bishop Willie Cage, pastor and founder of Cathedral of Prayer and Deliverance International COGIC in Hammond, Louisiana. To their union are four children: Monica, Marcy, Marquita and Anon, all of whom are gifted and serve alongside their parents in ministry. 

Lady Cage is an active worker and effective witness and serves as the Director of the Ministry of Helps at God’s Tabernacle of Deliverance and President of Pastors' Elders' and Ministers' Wives Circle of Southcentral Louisiana Jurisdiction. She is also pursuing her Bachelor's in Business Administration.  An anointed intercessor and powerful prayer warrior, Lady Cage is a highly sought after speaker because of her ability to encourage others to reach new levels in the ministry of Jesus Christ. 

Seeing the need for an arena where First Ladies can share in a setting unique to them. Lady Cage founded God’s Leading Ladies Empowerment Ministry as a result of an affliction which God used to birth a ministry specifically for First Ladies, to help them walk alongside their husbands in ministry.